I am a sixty six year old man, leading a semi retired life in Bangalore.  I have and continue to work as a teacher, consultant, group facilitator, researcher, author and an institution builder.  I am one of the founders of Sumedhas Academy for Human Context and strongly associated with it.  I am also associated with several organisations in the capacity of a consultant and/or a board member.

I am a compulsive gambler and I feel very ambivalent about it.  In many ways I have gained many insights from my experiences (specially losses) at the gambling table, yet, the price both financial and emotional that I and my dear ones have had to pay,  is huge.  I do believe gambling is intrinsic to  my living. Not merely in terms of the sense of play it provides but also engagement with the ebb and flow of fortunes and coming to terms with the changing moods of lady luck. Hence, one of my deep desires is to be able to enjoy gambling without getting overwhelmed by it. However, so far, I have not succeeded.

I love to play with ideas, concepts and numbers.  I have created a framework and a set of tools called Existential Universe Mapper  EUM  for mapping individual, organization and their interfaces.  I have also authored a book called “Child Man – The Selfless Narcissist” published by Routledge India.

I am deeply interested in human drama in different settings – organizations, families, society at large, within an individual and in interpersonal relations.  Some of the very strong areas of interests are gender dynamics, social character (impact of prevalent social values and beliefs on individual and collective psyche) and Indianness (impact of our civilizational quintessence on our ways of thinking, feeling and living our lives).

This blog for me is a forum for expression of my ideas about what I see happening around me and us. More importantly, it is a forum for dialogue.  I therefore, seek active engagement from you, my reader, and your joining in to build on our ideas and perspectives.